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Getting back in the saddle post corona - Business growth for the new world

Streamline Every aspect of Sales & Letting Agencies...

"With this webinar I will be

 sharing how YOU can make some very simple changes and start to get CONTROL of your business again, start to feel CONFIDENT in the future

and get CLARITY on what you need to do to turn your business into the one you always wanted 

Let’s face it, agency is complex… 
You have to be awesome at so many things, like a phenomenal marketeer, a salesperson, a lawyer, and an accountant, all to make this business work, but ALSO
You have to be an awesome people manager, great at time management, deliver exemplary customer service, and be prepared to change every week, with changing legislation and environmental change…
Who would want to be a Letting Agent!

the result is that many get disheartened, lose hope and end up quitting and that’s a shame because, with a few simple tweaks, this can be totally transformed…
I have helped literally thousands of agents take the COMPLEXITY out of their businesses, and find peace, freedom and get their LIFE back, and I want to help you too.

So, I have decided to run a webinar on just this topic…

on 22nd October I will be running a webinar on how YOU can make some very simple changes and start to get CONTROL of your business again, start to feel CONFIDENT in the future, and get that CLARITY on what you need to do to turn your business into the one you always wanted 

On this ONCE only LIVE webinar, I will be sharing the Agent Rainmaker Secrets to: 
  •  Generating more leads than your competition to keep the NEW business flowing into your agency
  • ​How to structure your offering to make sure you are not only running a highly functioning business, but making the PROFIT you need and also (just as important) the PERSONAL INCOME you deserve too 
  • ​How to Systemise and STRUCTURE the business to take away the panic moments and chaos that can easily develop in a busy agency 
  • How to make the team ACCOUNTABLE for the daily operations, function and achieving the goals you set (rather than referring to you or passing stuff to you every day) 

What will I learn if I attend this webinar?...
...you will know what is needed to have more leads than you ever dreamed possible, you will know WHY you feel in chaos, and how to solve it, AND you will learn how to get the team on track to being part of the solution rather than part of the problem

It can feel quite a lonely place being in business, but after 30 years in this industry and working with thousands of agents across the UK, I can tell you confidently that all of the challenges we face are being suffered by thousands of agents alike, and the solutions exist and can transform your business.

the solutions I will share have been adopted by hundreds and in some cases thousands of agents, and have helped them add thousands of pounds of revenue to their businesses, as well as freeing up their time…

you don’t want to miss this…

And remember, as soon as you start making these changes, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

Watch the replay of the webinar instantly
This Online Virtual Course is with Sally Lawson and takes 60 minutes, The playthrough is every 15 minutes to allow you to get a drink, get rid of any distractions and enjoy
To watch the replay, please click to register for the event, and make yourself comfortable… But don’t forget your pen and paper as there will be lots of notes to make (and then action to take!)

We recognise time is short, which is why we keep these webinar timely and cover the KEY points promised, leaving you with actionable and implementable points to adopt in your business straight away

The Webinar will last approximately 40 -60 minutes 

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