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Property Agents Circle Ltd
Company Number: 07110051
Company Registered Address: 7 Newton Court, Pendeford Business Park, Wolverhampton WV9 5HB
What Will You Learn On This Workshop?
  • A new perspective of how to add value as a Tenancy Manager
  • ​Manage your time to focus on the important tasks
  • ​Manage and identify potential risks and liabilities and keep the company safe
  • ​know what you are insured to do and what you are not insured to do
  • ​Learn to say now to things that they shouldn't be doing (and give them the objection handling language to do so too)
  • ​Identify triggers that could lead to opportunities (such as house sales, refurbs, acquisitions, additional services)
  • ​Reduce their workload and stay within their contractual obligations
  • ​Learn how to Make the business money