DELIVERED VIRTUALLY, 10AM - 4PM - August 22nd 2024

Brand New for Agent Rainmaker! 

Running a Sourcing & BTL investor Service Workshop

What This Course is About...

A whole day dedicated to building a service to help landlords buy properties via a sourcing service, helping to maintain a fee, stay compliant, source suitable properties, and get paid.  

We have been sourcing properties since 1997, and Ali has been at the helm of this for the last 4 years, helping landlords purchase over 450 properties in that time.

Here Ali will walk practitioners through the steps you need to take, and the dos and don’ts in running a buy-to-let sourcing service working for the buyer.

Find Out What You Will Learn Below...

  • Where to find investor leads using the off market funnel.
  • ​​How to pre-qualify the lead and sign up buyers.
  • ​The importance of creating different lists on your CRM to have different conversations and sending different emails (priority list etc)
  • ​​How to run through the BTL advisory meeting and get them to choose what they want to buy (rather than you advising).
  • ​​How to describe and utilise the capital cashflow calculator.
  • ​​How to manage your list of buyers and HOT buyers to get deals through fast.
  • ​​How to present opportunities properly to the buyers (and what not to do)
  • ​Adding additional services into the process to generate more revenue
  • ​The importance of creating different lists on your CRM to have different conversations and send different emails (priority list etc)
  • ​How to stay safe and compliant and make sure you have protected the company.
  • ​The rules as per the TPO sourcing guidelines and MLRO. 
  • ​How to identify a hot and ready buyer and get them contracted appropriately. 
  • ​The Sourcing agreement and what’s included. 
  • ​Where to find properties / using the on-market funnel.
  • ​The process of winning off-market instructions from incoming leads.
  • ​Selling the benefits of off-market services to both sides.

Throughout Ali will take questions and troubleshoot with the audience, as well as work through the practical day-to-day issues you may come across in running this lucrative and exciting service.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Directors, lettings managers, listers or anyone specifically that has been tasked with setting up this service
 in your agency or running it/working within it. 

Meet Your Expert Coach On The Day


This course is designed for those who are new or brand new to estate agencies, for those looking for an update or to see the AR “add-ons” that may be possible to an existing Estate Agency, or those looking for a better-combined experience between sales and lettings and acquisition departments to get them all communicating.

I would include anyone involved in or about to be involved in the Estate Agency side of the business, who needs to make sure that all the processes are optimised and operating fully, level staff, managers or branch managers could all benefit from this day if they are new to property sales etc, or are seeking new ideas or ways to generate leads and convert into business. (or add additional services)  

Ali is a former branch owner, a current operator and a director and has over 13 years of experience in the Estate Agency business and prides himself on his quality of service to the client, maintaining high-level fees and delivering on the back end (but also with a modern twist of being at the forefront of adopting funnels and lead conversion on a huge scale)

Ali’s branch is generating over 300 leads per month, and from one funnel alone generated 38 instructions in just 6 weeks for sales, this comes after creating a sales team, with call setters and closers to optimise results, but he also offers many additional services to add value and profit.

In the last 3 years, Ali has worked hard to merge sales lettings and acquisitions for the benefit of the business, and therefore we can now see the differences from both sides.

In the last year, Ali has added over 100k additional revenue to the business through optimisation (quite a task for a 34-year-old business).

He runs a highly optimised branch offering lettings, sales, off-market sales and helping landlords with property investment too, and will be sharing all on this, live for this first-ever 2-day event .
Ali has been running agency branches for around 12 years of his 16 year estate agency career. He opened his first estate agency branch from a total standstill in 2012 and acquired his second just a few years later, overseeing both to maintain a healthy market share and reputation within their towns.

In the last 4 years Ali has had to embrace lettings, and therefore can now see the differences from both sides and runs a highly optimised branch offering lettings, sales, off market sales and helping investor landlords with property investment too. 

As a current Director of Concentric Sales & Lettings, Wolverhampton, Ali specifically runs the front sales office of the operation where he and his team are fully focused on new business. 

 Ali Durrant - Director

Running a Sourcing and BTL investor Service Workshop
£197 + VAT
Delivered Virtually - August 22nd 2024
  • 10am - 4pm
  • ​How to pre-qualify the lead and sign up buyers.
  • Where to find investor leads and use the off-market funnel.
  • ​How to describe and utilise the capital cashflow calculator.
During This Workshop We Will Cover:
  • What Notice Periods should you be using now?
  • ​The Immigration act, are you up to date? 
  • ​Breathing space and how this affects you?
  • ​MEES, are your properties ready, and what can you do to help?

Are you ready, are you prepared?


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