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The 6 core elements for growing your profit

Everything You Need To Know To Get The Profit Margin You Deserve...

"Would You Like me to Hand You

The 6 core elements for growing your profit?!"

What You Will Learn On This FREE Masterclass:
For decades now, the work involved in running a letting agency has become more and more complex, the roles are too time consuming and this all leads to one thing, more demand on time, and therefore cost and the result Is a reduced profit margin

In 1990 it was not uncommon for a letting agency to be running at a 50% profit margin, whereas NOW, the average is more like 10% with many not making any profit at all.

My MISSION is to change that

Over the last 4 years, I have been working with agents to help them increase their profit margin, initially to 30% and now we are working on getting agents to 50% (still work in progress)

But I want to share with you how already many agents have gone from making a loss to over 35% profit faster then you might think possible.

So, I have decided to run a Online Masterclass dedicated to just this… growing profit for sales and letting agents…

I will be sharing the tools, systems and changes you can make to transform the profit levels forever, and I will be focusing on the specific strategies used by our top 3 best performing agents.
Secret #1:
How to increase the Income coming into business.
Secret #2:
How to reduce the Overheads.
Secret #3:
How to setup a business for maximum profit.
Secret #4:
How to add income streams without increasing the workload 
Secret #5:
How to keep more of the money that you make… 

Secret #6
How to optimise staff for maximum return

We recognise time is short, which is why we keep these webinar timely and cover the KEY points promised, leaving you with actionable and implementable points to adopt in your business straight away

The Webinar will last approximately 40 -60 minutes 

Watch the replay of the webinar
This Online Virtual Course is with Sally Lawson and takes 60 minutes, The playthrough is every 15 minutes to allow you to get a drink, get rid of any distractions and enjoy
To watch the replay, please click to register for the event, and make yourself comfortable… But don’t forget your pen and paper as there will be lots of notes to make (and then action to take!)
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