DATES TBC, 10am - 4pm - Delivered Virtually
A Whole day designed for call setters, appointment bookers and BDMS who are following up leads from funnels (or for those who manage BDMS)
With so many Agents now adding funnels and generating hundreds of new leads into their businesses every month, there is a real need to now focus on what their teams can be doing to convert those leads into actual business and revenue. 
Ali Durrant will be running the day and taking you through the techniques he has been using to convert each lead type as well as ways to really squeeze the juice out of your older, existing databases. 

There is no reason to sit and accept things are quiet anymore – there is always somebody to call!

Ali Will Walk You Through How To...

Generating Leads - Understanding the avatars and where to find leads
Conversion Conversations - The keys to a great sales call
Different Services & Offers - not just valuations and traditional sales and lettings
Lead Response - The perfect call setting scripts to generate appointments
Different Appointments That convert
Creating your perfect marketing schedule for success!
Work the various leads to conversion (and the results you can expect)
Track the numbers (what are important)
Manage performance and the results you can expect
Call set scripts and how to create
Who calls who and when
How to optimise conversion

Who Is This Workshop For?

BDM, call setters, managers of sales teams and anyone responsible for or managing lead conversion from funnels.

This is the first course of its kind and will be a great day to get your sales team underway and performing from the person who is spearheading this process in the agency and has been developing this technique for the last 3-4 years

Meet Your Expert Coach

Your coach has been running agency branches for around 12 years and has embraced the evolution of funnel marketing with a specific focus on the conversion of leads for the last 4 years.

Director of Concentric Sales & Lettings, Wolverhampton, Ali’s specifically runs the front sales office of the operation where he and his team are fully focused on new business. 

Over the past four years, Ali has been developing a sales system and team equipped to handle all of the different types of leads that come into the business with a specific focus on let only to fully managed conversions and off-market sales/purchases for landlords and investors. 
What Can I Expect To Learn?
  • How to generate new fresh leads every day as a team
  • ​How to convert various leads from various sources 
  • ​How to convert Let Only to Fully Managed 
  • ​How to understand and manage liability in the business
  • ​How to recruit and manage A Players
  • ​How to manage a team and run effective meetings
  • ​How to set goals, targets and BHAGS
  • ​Understand and manage the teams TIME 
  • ​How to maintain the teams’ motivation throughout the month and 
  • year 
Learning Outcomes
During the Lettings Manager workshop, we will cover over 16 elements during 4 key sections throughout the day, broken down into a logical sequence. 

This workshop is for those who are in control of the processes and the team (or building the team), and covers all areas which lead to getting the job done and get the business hitting those targets. You'll also be shown how you can get and manage the right people in the right positions.
Horizon Riser…

I will be sharing how to perform HIGH LEVEL 1-2-1 meetings that will literally TRANSFORM your teams hopes and desires, to make them DREAM BIG and want to be part of your success and future as much as you do… 

Profitability and how to increase it

We will show them how to increase their value by increasing YOUR bottom line, how to really improve EVERY area of the business to make more money and as a result, make them money too.

EXTREME Staff Motivation 

How to motivate the staff to perform, using training, motivational meetings, commission structures and BHAGS to officiate Huge changes and challenge beliefs… 

I think you will agree this is a HUGE schedule for a ONE day event, and is certainly not one to be missed.

ONE day, 10 subjects, and life changing results… FOREVER.

Is This Workshop For YOU?

-If you manage a TEAM within a Letting Agency then this is for you

-If you are struggling to get your staff accountable and/or high performing

-If you find yourself bogged down doing other people’s roles

-If you struggle to get your TEAM on the same page as you and motivated

-If you just need a refresher after Bootcamp or a motivational boost as a business idea, then this also is for you 

Click below to reserve your space or speak with Kate if you are a member of one of our existing ARX or Inner Circle programmes

I run workshops to teach this system only 2 times per year. The investment is normally £297 + VAT and I promise it will completely change the way your Lettings Manager operates the business. But space is limited. Each event sells out fast, so be quick, many that have learnt our systems, have had amazing results (see below).
To reserve your space on this ONE day workshop to learn how to RUN a Lettings TEAM to make EVERYONE accountable and high performing
Here is what other agents, that have attended our Extreme TEAM Accountability Workshop
 events have said…
Really informative, inspirational training that makes you think outside of the box. I've taken several ideas away with me that I can't wait to implement and really make a difference in the business. Thanks a lot!
Craig Franks - Fenland Estates
Great to come along and meet other people that are in the same boat as you and face the same kinds of challenges.

The way Sally explains everything is brilliant and so motivating, can't wait to get back and implement everything that we've learned!
Stephanie Fitzgerald-Clark - Riverside Residential Properties
So motivating! No one is better than Sally, she's so knowledgable. I come away from these courses full of energy, there are always brilliant ideas and things we can use.

It's also great to meet people who are having the same issues as you and take some learnings from them. Highly recommended.
Dawn Franks - Martin & Co
Limited Time Offer...

Because we are running this event virtually, we are able to offer tickets at just £197! 
BDM & Call Setter training workshop
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £197 + VAT
  • Workshop is delivered Virtually
  • 10AM - 4PM
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