The event where the total focus is on ACHIEVING MORE PROFIT for Sales and Lettings Agents...

Let me ask you a question… 
Have you ever felt like you are on some sort of skint never ending hamster wheel?

You get more clients, work more hours, lose more of your personal life and for what?

Less Profit?

What this results in:

There is too much to do – Complexity means higher costs/time 
Competition on Fees and therefore the inability to charge what’s needed  
 We personally don’t earn enough and sacrifice our own salary for the needs of the business

In short, across the industry, agents are working harder, earning less income (sometimes less than their staff), not enjoying being in business and to be quite frank ending up feeling a bit like a slave to the business… (and no-one wants that) 

Unfortunately, this is sooo common in agency, and whether you are a sales or lettings agency, there are a few things that can REALLY change your profit results FAST 


This ONE day workshop is for business owners, that want to realise the PROFIT they KNOW they should be making, AND get the personal INCOME, they know they are worth.

So, the business makes money (PROFIT) and YOU make money too!… SIMPLES

"I believe agency, should be looking at making 30% or higher profit margin, if you’re not at that level yet, then you need to come on this workshop"

This is about going back to the drawing board and mapping out the business that you WANT, planning out the changes and taking action to build once and for all…

How did we get here? 

Over the years the workload has slowly increased… years and years of extra regulations added, we consumed the work, we took it on the chin to do the HMO checks, the Electric Checks, the smoke alarm checks, the registering of the deposit, the license applications (the list is endless by the way) and yet at the same time our income reduced, we bowed to competition, reduced our fees, included more “assistance” to our landlords and the result is?
Too much work, HUGE liability in everything we do, and not enough income to cover the new higher (staff) and time costs…
The result? The average profit margin of an agency in the uk is now around 10%
Which is just NOT ENOUGH for the level of work we do


Over the last 4 years I have set about changing this, and with my inner circle team, we now have an average profit margin in excess of 35% and we are now on a mission to get that to over 50% across the board… 

Here are some of our past delegates, the results speak for their self...

The Success Of Delegates is Proof This WORKS

Here are some more results from the past:

Tom Soane, was a struggling agent, November 2019, his annual income was just 78k per annum… and bailiffs were at the door… when he attended one of our events, he realised it was just the way he had the business set up, he took action FAST… the transformation is quite astonishing… in just over 6 months, he has raised his revenue to over £500k! and streamlined the entire business, and now does not work IN the business at all… you can hear his story on our PODCAST 
Cara was working 18 hours per day and with 3 kids, was feeling very guilty about NOT spending any time with them… when Cara discovered our AR Profit Optimiser, she saw a way to get her freedom and time back… she took action, made the changes and managed to add an additional £100 in revenue and profit, but more importantly got her LIFE back and now work MOM hours 10-3 and goes on holiday without WIFI! You can hear Cara’s story on YT 
Mark Shaw a single branch agency, learned our profit optimisation strategy and set himself on a BIG target to generate an additional 100k in 3 months and actually REDUCE the workload too, and he managed to do just that… work LESS and earn MORE from his existing business
Sue Gidney, was faced with losing 400k from the Tenant Fee Ban (her profit) so had to take action… with just one letter she generated over 50k, and then was hooked… she implemented dozens of our strategies and as a result over 3 years added a whopping £2,000,000 in additional revenue (she was a big 8 branch business to start with, but still impressive!) you can see Sues, 1 year story on YT when she first hit her £1million (yet to record the £2million story) 

Why Trust Me?

I’ve been an agent for 30 years, a franchisor for 10, I own a WHITE label management centre and a media and coaching company… I am also a best-selling author and former ARLA president… 

So its’ fair to say, I have worked with thousands of agents across the UK and have a high level experience in the industry
I’ve found that in the 4 years of coaching agents, that in just 5 simple steps, a business (and business owner) can totally transform their results (and lifestyle) from achieving the PROFIT they need and DESERVE in their business…

It takes initially seeing the OPTIONS, then crafting a PLAN and then some discipline to make a few tweaks (but these are NOT as difficult as you might think)

Most agent are actually doing the really hard stuff, and in comparison, this is more about plan, system and process, so quite easy to follow

This is how SUE added £2million to her revenue, how Sat & Kam added £700k, and how Cara added £100k and got to be a mom again (got free of the business)

Whatever Your Size Of Business, Whatever Your Goal Is… The Answer Is To Build Your Revenue And/Or Profit, And With That You Will Find A New Found CHOICE

The Event

On this one day, I will be sharing my step by step Profit Optimiser Process with YOU, so that you can finally get off the hamster wheel and back to being the Business Owner (with freedom and choices) that you deserve.
  • High Profit BUSINESS SOLUTION PLAN mapped out
All this will mean that you will understand the process of making the changes you need to make to turn your profit story around, and be set for making a difference not only to your business but to your TEAM, YOU and your family too.

Designed for Agency owners, Lettings Agents, Estate Agents or Both, that want to modernise, re-focus and/or look for new ideas to be better, leaner and more profitable.

It’s like an exploration, a WHOLE day out of the office, looking at NEW exciting opportunities, call it market research if you like, but everything that you will hear, you can implement FAST and see the benefits QUICKLY.

NOT the same old same old stuff you will hear elsewhere, Power hour, Call back times and rubbish like that… you KNOW all that… this is Agent Rainmaker, and we pride ourselves on original, NEW and Fast Effective RESULTS researched, tried and tested and proven result achieved BEFORE sharing with you

Join us for ONE day and let us show you what can be done

Still not sure? Here are just a fraction more of Other Delegates:

We've Had So Many Success Stories We started giving out awards!


17th September 2020

£97 + vat Investment
  • High Profit BUSINESS SOLUTION PLAN mapped out

4th December 2020

£97 + vat Investment
  • High Profit BUSINESS SOLUTION PLAN mapped out
This is a VERY popular workshop so
Places are Strictly Limited and Fill up Fast. 
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DISCLAIMER: I have the benefit of having 30+ years experience in the lettings and marketing industry and any results are not guaranteed. The profit optimiser Workshop rendered come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not blown away by lunch time please contact someone via email or talk to a member of staff on the day.
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