Everything Needed To Build a Hot Prospecting Database, Generate Leads for Listers, Get Calls Scheduled for Valuers and Consistently Grow, Without hiring more staff or working longer hours...

What if you could create a consistent stream of leads coming to you... Asking to work with you...

Without hiring more staff, canvasing, sending out leaflets, cold-calling or scheduling hundreds of social media posts that get 2 likes (from your parents)?

This approach of getting leads is new to the industry and can be a total game changer for your business. 

NO Canvasing letters
NO sending Leaflets
NO Cold Calling
NO Scheduling 100's posts
All you need to do is edit our tried and tested templates, and you’re good to go…
So... how is this different?

This strategy, used in the right way has changed my agency and the way we do everything.
My employees and partner thought I was crazy when I started to use this... Until I showed them how they could replicate what I was doing and get consistent results.
And right now, you're going to discover exactly how you can use this same "toolkit" to;

  • Take back Control of lead generation
  • Be available 24/7 to any target market in any postcode throughout the UK.
  • Be seen as the expert in your local market .
  • And have more free time and less stress knowing certain things are taken care off. 
Not Only That, we're also going to cover:
  • Email follow up's that turn potential leads into paying customers.
  • How you can use this toolkit in different parts of a Sales & Lettings Agency.
  • The strategies we use to get consistent results and leads that once set up, deliver consistent results with just a few tweaks.
  • ​​How you can stand out from ANY competition. Hint: It has nothing to do with lowering fees, what experience you may or may not have, or how many clients you have. 

I've used these strategies and exact templates to take me from from being unknown, to growing my agency, becoming ARLA president and becoming one of the go-to people in my industry...
To now running 5 successful businesses, each one using these exact methods to grow and remain profitable.

And most recently I used it to take Agent Rainmaker from a startup to 7 figures in just 2 years, and I've used these strategies to consistently grow my sales and letting each month. 

Who is this for?

I've used this toolkit to grow each of my businesses, the methods can be adapted and used for any situation in business. This toolkit is perfect for people who: 

  • Are just starting in their Sales & Letting Agency...
  • Are sick of 'roller coaster' based leads, crossing their fingers and hoping for results...
  • Feel let down by so many other methods that don't work, like networking, cold calling, leafleting, canvasing and even newspapers if you're really old school...
  • ​Want to earn more while working less and have systems working in the background...
  • ​Are tired of spending so much time working...
  • ​​Want consistent leads without going through the time consuming process of posting hundreds of posts, commenting on every comment and paying hundreds if not thousands to third parties (which I wont name) which simply aren't worth the money... 

But just so you know this method doesn't just work for me, here's what others are saying:


Although I had been doing this strategy unknowingly for years! The first time I came across what this actually was and the term for it was in 2015, when I launched by book “I’ve got this tenant”.

Now back then I did it the hard way, using a marketing agency and web designers, because I didn’t have access to the “software and technology” meaning it cost me over £20,000!

But I can remember the day it went live, I was actually sitting in a wedding (not mine) and my phone starting going crazy!

Leads dropping in my inbox to the tune of hundreds by the second, of people buying my book!

That book made me over £141,000 in its first year…

It was the most exhilarating, awesome experience ever, and I was SOLD.

I knew then...

"THIS was the FUTURE”

My Name Is Sally Lawson
Since my first EXPLOSIVE Launch in 2015...

I saw the potential and I have become a student of marketing and generating real cold hard LEADS into my inbox, appointments scheduled automatically and cold hard automated sales online too...

THIS has TRANSFORMED my businesses... as they now generate literally HUNDREDS of leads EVERY month online.

Hooked on learning more... This journey has taken me to Boise, London, Florida, Miami, Nashville, Missouri, and Denmark, in fact, all over the WORLD... In fact, you may not know this, but I have in fact been a high-level student of the world’s leading Expert in marketing for over two years now as well.

PLUS I am one of only 800 "Two Comma Club" Gold Disc Award Winners in the WORLD (an award for building a £1m "Funnel", which I did in less than 2 years) . 

I learnt these strategies from some of the biggest companies in the world, and I was able to adjust them SPECIFICALLY for the property industry and the results absolutely blew me away. 

My ENTIRE team are completely focused on sharing THIS with our industry. 

PLUS, I am now on a mission... to TRANSFORM, marketing for sales and letting agents specifically, with this EVOLUTION of PROSPECTING and get ALL agents generating hundreds of leads EVERY month, using the method you're about to learn, so that they can really EXPLODE their businesses too...

This "Toolkit" has genuinely changed my business - and are helping thousands of Sales and Letting Agents Across the UK get consistent leads and clients every month. 
It didn't start out like that - I tried everything!
I tried canvasing... But you have to be extremely lucky with who is walking down that street at the time you're there. Not only that, you then have to get their attention to start up a conversation and keep their engagement long enough to try and get their details. 

And let's be honest, NO ONE wants to be stopped in the street when they're in the middle of shopping no matter how nice you're being! 

There had to be a better way...
Blogging and social media were becoming a massive thing when I first started but it takes a ton of time and effort. 

They're a great way to build a relationship with your audience, there's no doubt about that. And they're almost needed when you get to a certain level. 

I have a social media guy now and an entire team repurposing content to be posted out to social media. But it's slow to get any kind of business from. 


For someone starting out, or someone who wants to focus on what gets them the best results the fastest, this takes too long to get any kind of significant results from... 
I tried cold calling. Just searching for people online who I might be able to help and could be a potential client. 

This was just as bad as canvassing! 

'Bothering' people during their busy days who had no idea who I was and trying to get them to hear me out simply made me feel deflated and over worked. 

I knew there was a better way. 
SEO and Meta Tags were still VERY popular. 

But there was so much competition, so many people using the same tags and keywords as everyone else you never saw results. 

And even if you did get something right, you wouldn't see any kind of impact until a few weeks if not months after. 

It was too many tweaks and waiting, I needed something that got me results quickly, that I knew if it was working or not in the first few days. 

I didn't have the time to wait a month to see if something was working. 

I knew there had to be a better way.  
During the next few months, i went on a journey that can only be described as an obsession
I read book after book...

Went through coach after coach (some good some not so good...) 

I bought expensive software, paid for a website that I didn't really believe in and every night for a long time I obsessed with finding the answers to making this better. 

I never wanted to pick up the phone and talk to someone again if I could help it! 

You might know the feeling...
  • "I don't have enough hours in the day!" 
  • "I'm so sick of spending hundreds a month on the next 'big thing" 
  • "I don't have the time or the budget to waste my staffs time cold calling, I just need clients to come to me." 
at first, I thought it had to be a combination of all of them...
If I did two blogs a week I might get 1000 views, from that 100 may click to the link then if I'm lucky 10 will actually give me their details
If I got my staff to cold call or go out and canvas, there would be A LOT of conversations... but I would maybe get 10 decent leads. 
3 Posts a day meant roughly 3000 impressions, 100 would actually pay attention and maybe I would get 1 lead a day if I was VERY lucky. 
There wasn't just one answer to everything - it had to be a combination of everything. But that's exactly what I was doing wrong. I was focusing on getting content out and just trying to increase the number of leads... and I wasn't thinking. 

I was spending 8 hours a day on social media and creating new content and paying for staff members to ring people which had ZERO interest in ever talking to us, bringing their mood down, my mood down and all for 15 - 20 leads a week. 

That's when instead of doing bit's of everything I focused on a few things, and instead on concentrating on how much I was putting out I concentrated on what got results

And guess what I found...
doing everything... cold calling, blogging, social media, and SEO can actually damage your reputation and make it harder to get clients
Because you are ringing them, stopping them in the streets, and asking for their information before you give them a chance to properly get to know you. 

Think about it... when you start to work with anyone, you want to know what they're about, their values and you want to know that they know what they are talking about. 

You might be thinking: 
  • Can I actually trust this person? 
  • Will they be able to deliver?
  • Will it work for me? 
And a dozen other questions that you want to know more about before buying... you check Facebook, Google and want to see what other customers think. 

Well, your clients are thinking the same thing...

And I thought... Can I make it easier for them? 

Can I take someone from being cold and never hearing of me to booking a call and wanting to work with me, and better yet... can I make it automated? 

There's three simple steps I thought of to be seen as a trusted expert

1 - The First Contact (The Ad)

The potential client needs to discover you and your brand in a way that immediately grabs their attention... Instantly show them your expertise and your knowledge before they even speak to you on the phone. 

This can be a video, a guide or maybe checklist. Anything that you can send to them and deliver for no-cost.
The Blue Ocean

Think of it this way, social media right now is becoming more and more difficult to stand out.

Most agencies are stuck in their ways, and go straight into asking for them to book a call before they know anything about them. 

But if you had a free guide, solving an issue they were having. Which solved the problem, next time they have any kind of issue who do you think they will come to?

Exactly, you! 

This is allowing you to stand out in the 'blue ocean' of competitors. 

You've already helped them out for free, now they are going to be thinking what are they going to do for me if I start paying?! 

2 - The Page (Lead Capture)

The second step is to send them from where they see your first message to a page where they can add their details and INSTANTLY get sent the free piece of content. 

Don't waste time manually emailing them, have a pre-written email that is automatically sent. 

So you're available for 24/7! 

Be genuine in the second step, genuinely offer them some help with a specific problem. Whether that is wanting more information on investing in a local area, selling a home quicker or even help with new legislation that comes out. 
It's important to genuinely help someone at this stage!
Think of it like your dating someone.
1. You get their details.
2. Your prove that you're worth their time and you're the real deal.
3. Prove you're not some kind of psychopath or trying to scam them.
4. Prove your a good person to have in their life.
Same goes for business, you need to prove to potential new clients that you're not scamming them, that you genuinely want to help them and that you are good to have around...

3 - The Follow Up (Making the 'sale')

The third step is converting them to the sale. 

Most would skip points one and two and go straight for the sale, they will have a lot of annoying conversations with people they have to call. But if you do the first two steps you will find people coming to you. 

AND on top of this (Which is extremely important) you know what they need help with. 

If they download a guide on selling a home faster, it is safe to assume that they are selling their house, have had issues or are thinking of selling their house in the future. 

And if with your follow up, you talk about the specific problem they have and how to solve it. Whether that is via the phone or via email, you will find yourself and your staff having MUCH easier conversations. 

This is as simple as it gets and luckily NOW this can be all automated and happening for just a few £'s a month. 
Instead of figuring out how to set this up on your own, buy expensive developers, write hundreds of emails and ads...
Let me and my team show you how to set this up... 

Get everything you need to set up EVERYTHING above, get the templates we still use today and get a clear understanding of how this can be used in the property industry. 
Get the "lead generation toolkit" responsible for a surge in leads and clients every month
If you know that getting more leads that see you as the expert BEFORE they even get on the phone with you and you get:
  • ​FREE ACCESS to the software you need to Set up and Launch quickly.
  • ​Video tutorial on how to set this up for yourself.
  • ​Dozens of TEMPLATES for you to get going straight away.
  • ​Checklist on the various ways you can use these strategies and save THOUSANDS of pounds every month.
  • ​Landing page wording template, just fill in the blanks.
  • ​FULL tutorial on running FB ads to drive traffic instantly to your pages and start getting results.
Then you could definitely use our "lead generation toolkit". 
What Do I Actually Get Sally?
The Lead Generation Toolkit
for Sale & Letting Agents...
Firstly, You will receive...
FREE 14 Day ACCESS to the software you need to Set up and Launch quickly. (worth £97)
Next, You will also get...
A Video tutorial on how to set up these strategies for yourself! (Worth £197)
And You will Also Have access to...
Dozens of TEMPLATES for you to get going straight away (no designers needed!) just edit the text and add an image and you’re DONE! (Worth £3,997, bearing in mind, my first setup cost over £20,000!) 
And to make sure you never run out of ideas...
Checklist on the various ways you can use these strategies in your letting agency and save THOUSANDS of pounds every month - (Worth £197)
Get Full templates that we use where you just need to fill in the blanks and you're good to go...
Landing page wording template, just fill in the blanks - (Worth £197)
Get the complete guide my in house paid ad expert recorded on how to setup and run ads exactly how we do...
FULL tutorial on running FB ads to drive traffic instantly to your pages and start getting results. - (Worth £197)
Behind the success of my S&L Agency and 2500+ students and clients...
No one should ever have to wonder why things are quiet, why their Listers are stuck, why there are no calls for valuers and what the next steps are to get out this 'slump'. 

In our other programmes, products and training we have helped thousands of people change their life, get their fire back and in some cases save them from going bankrupt or giving in. 

If they can change their life and turn it around... so can you. 
We're seeing some phenomenal results...
And the list goes on...
Grown her business by 20% over the last year and she has recently won 'Business Person of the Year"
Faced with losing staff, Letting Agent Barrie knew he had to make changes FAST...
Recovered the lost fees from the Tenant Fee Ban and then some!
Sally interviews Sarka Wilde
Barrie's Story
Martin Thacker
Now running successful Landlord Seminars, implemented sales into the Agency, taking on FM only on new student accommodations, and added £42K to the bottom line...
By implementing the System, they increased turnover by £500k with by only making small changes and adopting a few of the strategies available...
Restructured her team and changed the mindset, which was the biggest drag on the business.
Cara Khadaroo
Daren and Susan's Story
Sally Williams
BONUS!!! 2020 is going to be the TOUGHEST year yet for many Letting Agents, and many will give up...
Obviously, I don't know who you are, what your work ethic is, or if you're willing to do the work the others did to get their results. 
BUT, I can promise you one thing: 

I want to get a message from you saying what amazing results you have acheived, and I want you to post your story in my group. 

And who knows, maybe I will interview you for one of my success showcases...

So, I'm doing everything I can to move you forward...

And that's why...
I've Got These Bonuses Worth £2485 For You, Too...
When you grab the lead generation toolkit today, you'll get your hands on these bonuses, for no extra cost...

Bonus #1 

10 days of Marketing Coaching Videos of the whole process, to take you step by step through each important element - ( Worth £497)

Bonus #2 

50 minute video of me coaching a live room of delegates through ALL the main strategies we use, the ACTUAL ones that generate the 300 + leads every month - (Worth £297)

Bonus #3 

REAL LIVE coaching sessions for you, so you can look over my teams shoulder as they coach members through essential sessions LIVE - (Worth £497)

Bonus #4 

30 Min Coaching call with my marketing experts so we can determine what strategies will be best for you and what you need to implement! - (Worth £997)

Bonus #5 

4 AWESOME GUIDES, on how to use Facebook, Create an Ad, Manage Pixels and build a campaign - (Worth £197)

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Lead Generation Toolkit Today!
PLUS Access To These Bonuses Instantly When You Buy Today:
  • ​FREE ACCESS to the software you need to Set up and Launch quickly.
  • ​Video tutorial on how to set this up for yourself.
  • ​Dozens of TEMPLATES for you to get going straight away.
  • ​Checklist on the various ways you can use these strategies and save THOUSANDS of pounds every month.
  • ​Landing page wording template, just fill in the blanks.
  • ​FULL tutorial on running FB ads to drive traffic instantly to your pages and start getting results.
  • ​10 Day Coaching Series of Marketing Essentials  (£497 Value)
  • ​50 minute video of me coaching a live room of delegates through ALL the main strategies we use  (£297 Value)
  • ​FB Live Audibles from my EXPERT Team  (£497 Value)
  • ​30 Min Coaching call with my marketing experts (£997 Value)
  • ​4 AWESOME Facebook Guides  (£197 Value)
Total Value: £7,367
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For £47+VAT
An investment that will totally 

We should definitely charge a lot more than we are, probably close to £500 or more for just the strategy alone.

But we’re ONLY asking that you invest £47 in yourself by getting this training... WHY??
Here’s why: We want to PROVE TO YOU, without a shadow of a doubt, that we deliver the goods.

And it's my mission to help as many Sales & Letting Agents as possible.

So, when you explore our other offers later, you can do so trusting that we’ve got YOUR best interest in mind, every step of the way.

And on TOP of that, to make sure you have complete confidence in this...
I'm Even prepared to offer you a
“No Techno Babble” GUARANTEE
I guarantee this will totally change your world, and in fact, if it doesn’t, I will happily refund you in FULL if you contact me within 30 Days and say Sally this not for me along with a copy of your receipt, we will give you a
 complete refund for £47 + VAT.
You DONT want to miss this...
Get the SOFTWARE, the Techniques and even the TEMPLATES to generate leads into your business without working more hours or hiring more staff...

Lead Generation Toolkit – especially for agents
Grab yours NOW

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Here's What You Get:
  • ​FREE ACCESS to the software you need to Set up and Launch quickly.
  • ​Video tutorial on how to set this up for yourself.
  • ​Dozens of TEMPLATES for you to get going straight away.
  • ​Checklist on the various ways you can use this these strategies and save THOUSANDS of pounds every month.
  • ​Landing page wording template, just fill in the blanks.
  • ​FULL tutorial on running FB ads to drive traffic instantly to your pages and start getting results.
  • ​10 Day Coaching Series of Marketing Essentials  (£497 Value)
  • ​50 minute video of me coaching a live room of delegates through ALL the main strategies we use  (£297 Value)
  • ​FB Live Audibles from my EXPERT Team  (£497 Value)
  • ​30 Min Coaching call with my marketing experts (£997 Value)
  • ​4 AWESOME Facebook Guides  (£197 Value)
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